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Roofing & Sheetmetal Centre is a Melbourne based custom sheet metal fabricator specialising in building products that can make a broad range of sheet metal products for many industries. At Roofing & Sheetmetal Centre we understand sheet metal and use quality Australian steel. Our sheet and coil is sourced from a range of steel suppliers including Bluescope steel products Colorbond® and Zincalume®. We can also powdercoat or galvanise to suit our customer’s requirements.

At our Noble Park North site we use SWI and Jorns engineering machines. With these machines we are able to supply a high degree of customisation, accuracy and quality.

We specialise in custom sheet metal products for roofing, rainwater, pelmets and shutter boxes. Our first class tradespeople take pride in developing a product to your specifications.

Our aim is to always exceed your needs.

A Selection of Our Products 

• Shutter pelmets and roller blind boxes
• Flashings – straight folded, curved and tapered
• Vented and non-vented ridge
• Garage door flashings and door tracks
• Rainheads, rainwater sumps, pops and overflows
• Debris guards and sump strainers
• Custom eave gutters, valley gutters and box gutters
• Skylight, fan and chimney penetrations
• Access hatches and control panel doors
• Solar powered extraction fans
• Flue cowls and china caps
• Grates and channels

Our Capabilities

• CNC Turrett punching MetaCAM software
• Welding
• Brake press forming
• Slitter folding
• Slitting & blanking
• Guillotine
• Pan brake forming
• Sheet metal jobbing work