Everyone has their own view, but we believe that when you weigh it all up, Colorbond® is simply the best coated steel product (in our humble opinion) and we don’t stock alternative product.

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Australian made and tested
We all love to say we support Australia. Colorbond® is 100% Australian steel which is great in itself, but unlike imported coated steel products, it’s not only made here but it’s been tested here over a long period of time to Australian standards.

So while buying Aussie-made makes us feel good, what this really means for you is that you benefit by reducing the risk that something will go wrong on your job – both to your reputation and your bottom line.

Products made offshore are not subject to Australian standards. So they may not meet compliance requirements and may cost you extra money in the long run.

Colorbond® has an average of 25% recovered steel content*, meaning less resources are required to make the product and there’s less waste. One look at Bluescope’s annual sustainability report will tell you that consideration of environomental issues is going to be a big deal to the future of building. In 2020, Bluescope launched their Colorbond® steel cool roof, aimed at reducing up to 77% of the sun’s heat. More investment and new technologies in this area is a given.

Check for the real thing
You will always get Colorbond® steel from Roofing & Sheetmetal Centre, and it’s easy to check. Look for the Colorbond® logo on the protective film coating on the front of your sheet. If there’s no film, flip the sheet over and you will see the ink branding which identifies the material.

Choosing the color
Check out the Colorbond® color matrix to see the range of colors available.

* https://specifying.fielders.com.au/finesse/design-data/environmental-sustainability/
16 April 2021

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