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Pre-Christmas order deadlines
Wed, Nov 30, 2022

Please see our key dates below regarding pre-Christmas order deadlines.

  • Friday 16th December – last day to order benchwork or specialised products, last day to order roof sheets
  • Monday 19th December (by 9am)  – last day to order flashing
  • Tuesday 20th December – call workshop for urgent enquiries. Based on capacity we may be able to process your order
  • Wednesday 21st December – last day of operation. Our workshop closes at 12.30, we will be open until 4pm for those picking up orders
  • Thursday 22nd December – Friday 6th January – workshop closed
  • Monday 9th January – workshop reopens 7.00am

Winner – Advanced Manufacturing Award
Wed, Oct 19, 2022

This month, we were awarded the Advanced Manufacturing Award in the South East Business Awards, held by Greater Dandenong Chamber of Commerce.

We are thrilled to be recognised for this award. It’s a tribute to our whole team for the work they do everyday. Contributing to our win were our focus on continuous improvement, commitment to staff health, safety and wellbeing; training and development, and community initiatives.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our customers, because your ongoing support helps us to be the best we can be and we wouldn’t have won without you!

New product introduction – Heavy Duty “Biff Buster” Pipe Guards
Wed, Nov 16, 2022

Biffs and bumps happen, especially in spaces with high vehicle traffic, like car parks, warehouses and loading docks. Stormwater pipes, gas, sewer pipes and electrical services can suffer expensive damage when unprotected.

Roofing and Sheetmetal Centre’s Heavy Duty “Biff Buster” Pipe Guards are PPE for your pipes. You can find out more about our new product here

Colorbond Color Changes

Colorbond colour change coming in 2022
13 Dec 2021

We won’t officially see the changes to the range until the third quarter of 2022, but we have been given advanced notice that three colors in the classic COLORBOND® range are being retired and will be replaced with three new colors.


Safe ladder use during the festive season
25 Nov 2021

Ladder falls are a very common reason why people end up in hospital. We’ve prepared a short guide to choosing, setting up and climbing a ladder. Brush up on some of these ladder safety tips – especially if you are about to embark on a Christmas light roof installation!

Insulation supply shortage – delays expected
29 Nov 2021

Global supply shortages are significantly impacting turnaround times for insulation, with orders placed now not able to be delivered until mid to late Jan. Please place orders well in advance as our suppliers are currently working through large back orders.

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Choose your silicone wisely
29 July 2021

There’s many silicone products on the market, but if you are working with metal, we recommend that you use a neutral cure silicone to increase the lifespan of your work. We’ve pulled together some information into a technical bulletin on neutral cure silicone to help when deciding which silicone you need.

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2021 Victorian Architecture Awards – shortlist
1 July 2021

Every day we work with tradesmen on projects right across Melbourne. Many will be quietly completed without a fuss, but some get a bit more attention. We are happy to see that some of the projects we have worked on over the past year have been recognised at the 2021 Victorian Architecture Awards.

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Swarf stains technical bulletin

Preventing swarf stains on your sheetmetal
17 June 2021

If you work with metal, then you work with swarf – metal debris produced by cutting and installing sheetmetal products. These little scraps of metal can cause you problems  – from cosmetic rust stains to premature corrosion. Read our technical bulletin on how to prevent (and clean up) swarf staining.

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Christmas dates

Christmas order cut off dates
21 November 2021

It’s great to see that people are gearing back up again after the lockdown and getting ready for a big sprint into the Christmas/New Year break.
To help get your pre-Christmas projects finished on time, please see our key dates for order deadlines and workshop closure dates.

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Colorbond Color Matrix

Colorbond colour changes
4 June 2021

Over the years, Bluescope Steel have made updates to the Colorbond® color chart – either adding, renaming and discontinuing colors as a result of changing trends. This can be confusing when you are replacing old materials and need to match a color.

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Metal compatibility
7 May 2021

Metals that are in contact with other metals can lead to corrosion if they are incompatible. When planning a roof installation, consider which metals should not be used together, and which environmental conditions can accelerate the process of corrosion.

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The reasons why we only recommend using Colorbond
26 April 2021

We detail the key reasons why we only use Colorbond – you really can’t beat the quality and performance.

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Box Gutter Design Guidelines
12 April 2021

To help you design box gutter drainage systems that will pass compliance checks, we have created some design guidelines to follow.

Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets – available for order now
29  March 2021

In this news update, we profile gutter protection, box gutter brackets and show you a few recent items from the workshop.

Notice of amendment of Zincalume pricing.
16 March 2021

Recently, we wrote to you advising of an upcoming 9% price increase to our Zincalume materials (effective 1 May 2021). Since then, we have received word that Bluescope Steel have again revised their prices as per below:

– Zincalume coils (.55mm, .75mm and 1mm) will increase by 18%
– Galvanised steel (.75mm) will increase by 16%
– Galvanised steel (.55mm) will increase by 13%

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Exclusive supplier of Bluescope steel products
2 March 2021

There’s a conversation we have around the service desk every few months, when we get chatting to our customers about the pros of Colorbond® steel. Everyone has their own perspective, but we believe that when you weigh it all up, Colorbond® is simply the best product (in our humble opinion).

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Upcoming Australia Day public holiday operating hours.
15 January 2021

Due to the upcoming Australia Day public holiday, we wish to advise you that we will be closed Monday 25th January and Tuesday 26th January (Australia Day), so please factor this in if you have upcoming jobs, and place your orders in advance.

We’ll be back bright and early on Wednesday 27th January.

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