Stainless steel technical bulletin

Stainless Steel – a self healing metal – is highly resistant to corrosion and is one of the key reasons stainless steel is so highly valued, particularly in situations where environmental conditions. Stainless steel comes in a range of finishes, grades and gauges, so if you’re not sure which one to use, read our technical bulletin on it’s properties and uses.

Technical Bulletin – Stainless Steel properties

When working in coastal environments or heavily polluted areas, you need to choose roofing products carefully. Severe conditions can corrode metal roofing at an accelerated rate and reduce the lifespan of the roof. It pays to do your homework and make sure that the roofing you choose will be able to withstand the conditions.

Technical Bulletin – Coastal roofing

Sunscreen damage

If you are working outside, in the sun, with sheetmetal, then you need to make sure your skin is safe, as well as the Colorbond. Some sunscreens can cause damage if it makes contact with the metal. Find out which sunscreens to avoid when you are at work.

Technical Bulletin – Sunscreen damage on coated steel products

Ladder Technical Bulletin

Ladders are a simple and convenient piece of equipment, but using one comes with safety risks. Ladder falls call lead to serious injuries. Brush up on safe ladder use, especially if you’re planning to get up on the roof for a Christmas light project!

Technical bulletin – Safe Ladder Use

Silicone Technical Bulletin

When working with sheetmetal, neutral cure silicone is the best choice to avoid metal corrosion and discoloring. Read more about the benefits of using neutral cure over acetoxy silicones, as well as curing times and working with silicone and painted surfaces.

Technical bulletin – Neutral Cure Silicone

Box gutter design guidelines

To help you make sure your box gutter drainage systems meet VBA compliance, we’ve pulled together some points to consider including gradients, support structures, overflows, outlets and layouts for this technical bulletin.

Technical bulletin – Box Gutter design guidelines

Metal Compatibility technical bulletin

Placing certain metals together can cause metal corrosion and reduce the lifespan of your metal work. Read our guidelines on roofing and drainage systems to make sure you use the right material for your project.

Technical bulletin – Metal incompatability

Preventing swarf damage - Technical Bulletin

When you cut sheetmetal you create metal debris called swarf  that can lead to rust stains on your sheetmetal products, or worse. If metal particles penetrate your coated sheetmetal, you can end up with premature metal corrosion. Read our tips on the best way to prevent swarf from damaging your sheetmetal.

Technical bulletin – Preventing swarf damage

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