Height Safety

Roofing & Sheetmetal Centre can provide you with a range of height safety products to help you work safely when working on a roof, or using a ladder. Our range of safety equipment includes:

  • safety mesh
  • roofers harnesses and accessories
  • ladder brackets
  • roof anchor points
  • access hatches

All products are Australian made and compliant with Australian standards.

Ladder safety guidelines
Roof penetration


Reduce risk of falls when working on roof. Safety mesh is compliant with safety standards.

Available in 50m length, 1800mm width

Roof penetration


ANKAme access ladder bracket attaches to all common roofing profiles and is suitable for temporary and permanent use. Comes with all fittings required and installation manual. Compliant with Australian standards.

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Temporary Roof Anchor


ANKAme temporary roof anchor works with Custom Orb, Trimdeck, Spandeck and Concrete Fix. Lightweight, easy installation and all fixings required.

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Roof penetration


  • Permanent ANKAme roof anchor complies with AS/NZS .
  • Aligns to roof screw pattern and profile.
  • Adapts to metal roof sheeting, Custom Orb, Trimdeck, Spandeck, Klip-Lok 700, Klip-Lok 500 and Concrete fix for the use of Free Fall Arrest Single Point Anchorage ( 15kN ).
  • Can be used as a static line system. Includes fastenings, owner’s manual and installers tag. Colour coded installation instructions on each anchor.


(min. grade sheet thickness 0.42mm) with 1 x Bulb-tite 7.7mm x 27mm RV6605-9-6W fixed in sequence as indicated below.
To be installed and used by competent persons only.


It is a requirement that the roof anchor be inspected prior to each use, and must not be used if there are any defects, absent markings/ labelling, evidence of missing parts, or if the roof anchor has been used in a fall.

Also note:

  • Roof  anchor not to be used in a corrosive environment.
  • Temporary fix not to be used as a permanent anchor.
  • Permanent anchor to be used in the direction of eyebolt only.
  • Roof anchor to be used only where roof sheeting has been fully installed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.
  • Roof sheeting profile can vary up to 5mm, inspect roof sheeting prior to installation of roof anchor.
  • Roof anchor to be cleaned regularly with a  damp cloth.

Complies with:
AS/NZS 1891.4: 2009
Single Point Anchorage (15Kn)

Complies with:
AS/NZS 1891.2: Suppliment 1:2001
Static Line Use (15Kn)


By purchasing a PERMANENT ANKAme you are deemed to be a competent installer, or have contacted a competent installer, as the manufacturer and seller take no responsibility for the misuse of the products. Refer to owners manual installation instructions for the correct use of these items.

Roof penetration


  • Optimised positioning of front connection, lighter than shoulder Ds but small enough for efficient and safe connection of snap hooks for spreader bar insertion to confined spaces.
  • Documents pouch, keeps compliance labels and inspection record clean and intact.
  •  Manufactured, designed, tested and fully certified in Australia to AS/NZS1891.1
  • Adjustable chest D ring
  • Optimised stitch patterns
  • Adjustable size options
  • Rubber end grips
  • Optimised positioning of front connection
  • Front fall arrest D ring precise connection for front fall arrest applications
  • 2 and 3 bar buckles
  • Elastic webbing keepers easy storage and housekeeping of excess adjustment webbing.
  • Large rear fall arrest D ring
  • Ergonomic pull up shoulder strap adjustment
  • Small D ring slider pad
  • Breathable mesh panel
  • Fitted with suspension trauma relief straps
  • Optimised buttock strap position and lock down stitch
  • Supplied in free storage bag keeps harness free of dirt and moisture.
  • 20% lighter than previous models, reduces weight and fatigue leading to greater worker acceptance and compliance.
Roof penetration

HARNESS ROPE (with grab, hook & shock absorber)

  • 8 metres of Rope
  • Rope hook
  • Rope grab
  • Shock absorber

Shock Absorber

  • Tear web energy absorber
  • Heavy duty alloy steel fittings
  • Polyester webbing
  • Kernmantle Rescue standard rope
  • High tensile contrasted stitching
  • Stowage loops on all twin lanyards

Rope Features

  • Available in custom lengths if required
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
  • Single person up to 140kg fall arrest rated
  • Rope conforms to AS/NZS4142.3
Roof penetration


  • Black PVC 6/8.2mm 7×19 SS316
  • 8mm Quick Link marked with batch no. and 20 kN.
  • With BW Thimbles, one end marked with batch no.

The ANKAme Wire Strop is an 8mm stainless steel cable with roll swaged eyelets containing thimbles, and a plastic sleeve over the entire cable to prevent scratching of roof coatings.

The strop comes complete with a Maillon (Quick-link) connector.

Rating: 15kN



  • 15 kN Karabiner
  • Steel
  • Oval Screwgate

With a lightweight, ergonomic design and secure screwgate sleeve, this versatile Screwgate Karabiner is the ideal choice for everything from belaying to anchor building. The easy-clipping keylock nose won’t catch on bolts and slings, while it’s strong lightweight construction allows for a streamlined shape that reduces weight and bulk.

  • Hot-forged construction
  • Keylock nose doesn’t snag
  • Easy-to-hold functional shape
  • Screwgate sleeve Karabiner

kN Rating
All carabiners come with a kN, or kiloNewton rating engraved into the spine. If you have carabiners without a kN rating DO NOT use them for climbing! A kiloNewton is equal to about 225 lbs., which is a force of gravity rating, not static weight or mass.

Roof penetration


  • 5mm thick Aluminium plate
  • 8mm diameter holes in each side of plate 
  • UV protective with a Vinyl finish for writing quantity of height safety products as installed.
  • Compatible with all concrete or masonry walls and all common metal roofing materials (not compatible with stainless steel, copper or lead).
Roof penetration

Roofers Kit

  • Temporary Roof Anchor
  • Roofers Harness
  • Harness rope, grab, hook, shock absorber
  • Steel Karabiner
  • ANKAme fully compliant temporary roof anchor point, tested & approved by a division of SafeWork NSW  Certificate of Test Report Roof anchor aligns to the roof screw pattern and profiles of the x3 most common types of metal roof sheeting &        ( Custom orb / Trim-Deck / Spandeck ) and concrete application )All products can be installed and used by any competent person, tradie or DIY, as per AS/NZS & user manual providedSpanset spectra body roof worker harness comes with d-rings fitted front & rear of harnessSpanset harness rope, inbuilt shock absorber, rope grab & end connector hookSimple installation & use method


When planning fall prevention strategies in the workplace, roof access hatches should be considered as a way of providing safe roof access, particularly in large commercial and industrial buildings. Our range of hatches can cater for many different site requirements, and can be custom made to your specifications.

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Roof penetration

Roof Access Hatch

Roof penetration

Skylight Hatch

Roof penetration

Sliding Hatch

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